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About Us

We care about our community

Empire Pharmacy has been serving the community of Brevard since 2011. Being a community staple, we've proudly taken on the role of improving Brevard County health care by providing fast and personalized service. We strive to make every experience you have with us a great one. At our pharmacy, your family is our family. Our friendly staff is dedicated to ensuring that you receive expert care on every visit. Stop by today and let Empire Pharmacy become part of your family.

We at Empire always strive to achieve a positive outcome for our clients.


Since 2006, I've been providing exceptional customer service all around the county. Graduating from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in Boston, I worked in Bangor, Maine for three years, before moving to Florida and establishing my own independent pharmacy in 2011. My main goal is to serve specialty and quality pharmacy services through out Brevard County

Rao Rph
Pharmacist In Charge


Ven Rph

Graduating from the AU College of Pharmacy in India, I've been licensed as a pharmacist to practice in the state of Florida since 2006. From there on, I have been proudly serving the community and striving for the wellness of my patients.

 Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you stay healthy.


Dr. Nicole Plymale 

I Completed My Pharm D from Nova Southeastern University. Have been licensed as pharmacist in State Of Florida Since 2007. Happy to help you stay healthy. 


Scott Brierton Rph

I have graduated from Albany College of Pharmacy, New York. I have been licensed to practice in state of Florida since 2017.  Thank you for Letting us Serve you and your family. 

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